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Why Manifestation isn’t Working For You?

You’ve all heard the saying “If you ask, you shall receive” and I believe this is only partially true! Getting clear on what you are trying to achieve is definitely the number one key to manifesting anything in your life but that’s merely the beginning.

You might be thinking “but Jo I meditate, read self help books, pray and put it out in the universe and still NADA!” Keep up the good work but there’s SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT! First, let’s get clear about why you might not be manifesting everything you want in your life. Let’s get rid of those cobwebs and get to the good stuff!

Let’s define what the heck manifestation is anyways. Jay Shetty, a Spiritual Entrepreneur describes it as “co-creating with the universe to attract experiences and people into our lives by sending out signals and taking actions based on a new set of mindsets and beliefs to serve and support those experiences, people or events.”

#1 Mistake- Manifestation = Intentions only

Manifestation is definitely intentionally based however where you could be missing the mark is that’s all you’ve done. You’ve set an intention and then haven’t done much to support your intention. It’s important that you take action on your intention. For example, I know lots of women who want to be in long term relationships, put it on their vision board, talk about it, pray about it but expect Mr. Right to knock on their door, while they're binging Netflix in their sweats. They don’t put themselves out there enough to create the ACTION that’s needed to get the opportunity to find the ONE.

#2 Mistake- Your Manifestation is wrapped in fear, anxiety and control

Energy is YOUR currency which means energy is incredibly important to remember while manifesting. If your manifestations are being sent out to the universe in a desperate, needy or frantic manner you will attract all those things. We all have fears, anxiety and who doesn’t want to control what they receive BUT this is not how to be successful in your co-creation with the universe. So breathe, release and let go of that neediness and believe that the universe is co-creating with you. I say this mantra I learnt from Gabrielle Bernstein when I am feeling a little down while manifesting, I pause and I say “I desire this now and I give it over to the universe to present it to me.” I let it go, allow and surrender and feel much better about what I am co-creating.

# 3- Mistake- Focus on what we DON’T want

Like attracts like so by focusing on what you don’t want you are co-creating all that negativity. Manifestation works with energy so if you’re putting out that same story in your head of what you don’t want then the universe is going to keep presenting that to you. Slow down and stop yourself every time your negative story plays in your head. Accept it as a thought and reframe it. You don’t have to believe the negative story that’s on replay. By changing the narrative from negative to positive you are brainwashing yourself to believing in your AWESOMENESS! And that’s how you roll with getting what you want.

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