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What We’ve Manifested in a Year

We’re celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the birth of Soul Well Collective. Now while starting a business is never like actually birthing or having a child, there are definitely a few similarities. Going through this life-changing experience with a ton of ups and downs definitely is an understatement of what this year has been like. This year we have had our lives changed forever from the experience of Soul Well Collective. We have been able to connect on a deeper-level with so many beautiful and soulful women out there. We’ve had our tough times as well trying to navigate a first year in business. Not only that, we’ve had to do it as not only business partners but also best friends trying to find the balance between business and friendship.

Through it all though, we have kept our vibes high, and we’ve been able to continue to use manifestation as a way to the path. Listening to our intuition, and learning all along the way. We’d like to offer you all a few tips on how manifestation helped us to manifest where we are now, in hopes you’ll be able to use these tips to manifest your own venture for success and happiness.

Get Specific on What You Want – When we started Soul Well Collective, we did so with our first business meeting on a rainy day in a little coffee shop called Goldstruck (no we didn’t choose this coffee shop on purpose but it was definitely universe guiding us). We really discussed what specifically we wanted to give to the business, what we both envisioned for it, and what we could both offer to the business in terms of our individual skill sets to help make it a success. We wrote all this down, and so we pushed it out into the universe to help us manifest.

Envision The End – We sat and visualized where we wanted the business to be in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, and 10 years time. We really tried to feel the feelings of how it would feel to create a safe space for women to come together who are like-minded and heart-centered. By visualizing this we were able to feel and see the finish line and that helped us bring manifestations into existence, you can do this too because you are projecting yourself into that reality.

Take Inspired Action – We didn’t wait till everything was perfect to get started we started where we were, and we both had the inspired thought to create a vision boarding event where we could bring women together. We had no idea how to do it, but we just started and thought of what the next step could be, and then the next and the next, and we allowed the universe to show up (which it did our first event was a hit, you can read all about it HERE.

Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable – There’s a saying that the universe can only give you what your arms will allow you to carry. So when things were tough and we had to make tough choices (such as facing a pandemic when we had planned on a business model that was catered to creating in person events), we had to get comfortable and creative. So we just relaxed and leaned into it, we allowed the universe to take over, and didn’t try to solve the problem instead we allowed the solution to come to us, and it did! The universe always has a better plan than you do, and it was through the universe that we are where we are now, creating a women’s wellness network that reaches women online through inspired webinars and podcasts (all things we might never have done had it not been for the pandemic).

We still know how important it is to connect to others in person, and we can’t wait till we can all really meet up again in person without the barriers and restrictions, but until then we are going to continue to listen to universe, push out our manifestations, and connect and join with more beautiful souls.

We hope some of these tips will empower you to take inspired action and create a life you love. Remember, we are here to support you on your wellness journey, and if you choose to change, you can make great things happen.

You got this, and we got you!

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