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What we SEE we BELIEVE

We (Candice and Jo) love vision boarding! It is one of the tools we have both used to manifest so many great things including love and money.  And it’s a fun mindful activity to do at any time. So what’s all the hype about vision boarding and why should you try it?  Let me explain why we are obsessed and have seen real results in both of our lives.

What we think we Manifest!

Manifestation is all about thoughts, feelings and opportunities.  You need to be thinking positively, invoking feelings of what you want to manifest and being open to receiving from the universe.  A vision board is a great way to fill your mind on a daily basis with images that positively resonate with you.  

There are two ways you can create a vision board, the old school way with either a canvas or bristol board or the new age digital way.  Either way work, as the point is to look at it daily if not multiple times a day so it seeps into your subconscious.

Arts and Crafts for Adults

Our favourite is the old school way where we find pictures and words that make us feel good from magazines, newspapers or print them off the internet, cut them out and start taping or gluing them to the board.  In recent years,we’ve really liked painting our canvas so there’s a nice fun background colour.  Paint yours any colour that makes you feel good.  You also can keep it white.  You can focus on one area of your life you want to manifest more, or focus on all areas, there are no rules on how your board should look as it’s very personal.

If arts and crafts aren’t your thing then digital is a great way to do one as well.  A few ways you can create a digital vision board is to use a graphic design program like Canva where you can find different images, use texts and graphics OR take screen shots of words or pictures you like and save them in your camera or perhaps make a slideshow or make a grid. 

Seeing is Believing

You’ve heard the saying you become what you think, right?  Well, this is exactly why creating a vision board and looking at it often helps re-program your subconscious and allows you the opportunity to start truly believing your dreams.  It’s one thing to think something but it’s a whole other thing to REALLY believe that you already have the thing.

One recommendation is to sit in front of your board and intentionally visualize that you already have the things on your board.  If you’re looking for a romantic partner, visualize conversations you would have, a road trip in the summer, windows down, good tunes and feel the wind blowing in your hair.  If you’re manifesting a house, what does it feel like cooking a meal in the kitchen, sitting watching TV on the couch, what does your house smell like?  Really get specific with your visualizations as this helps the manifestation process.

A big thing to note with any manifestation and including the use of your vision board is to let go of the fear that you will not manifest it.  Remember, lack attracts lack and this is true no matter what ways you’re manifesting.  It takes time, but build the confidence that you are a manifestation magnet and that the universe is always working FOR you.

I see it, I feel it,  I BELIEVE IT!

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