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Vision Boarding Your Future - Recap of Our Event

What happens when women get together on a random Tuesday evening in October to manifest? Magic, inspiring stories and connection. Something truly beautiful happened at our first vision board and manifestation workshop where our mission to bring women together for authentic and purposeful experiences came true a thousand times and more.

The universe is co-conspiring with us every single day and hearing other women share their story of manifestation and how they ended up with us that evening was truly inspiring and energizing. The universe is bringing us people, places and outcomes everyday and it’s our responsibility to be open to seeing them as opportunities for our desires.

One amazing woman who snagged the last ticket Tuesday afternoon told us how she came about coming to a Soul Well Collective event and it was loud and clear the universe was listening. We actually were supposed to close ticket sales Monday night but as life does it gets busy and we forgot, so we were surprised that we had sold one final ticket at noon the day of our event. Another attendee told us how she was looking for an event exactly like this, and it popped up on her Eventbrite suggestions at the exact time she was thinking about it, so she knew she had to sign up. Others mentioned how they longed to connect with other like-minded women and were wondering if any events out there truly had the goal of connecting women together in a real and authentic way, and they found our event.

As we approach 2020 and the new decade, you too can co-create with the universe.

Here are our 3 key strategies to get everything you desire:


The foundation of any manifestation is you must believe in your desires. We have 60,000 thoughts a day and more than likely it’s our negative stories on repeat. First, you need to change your story to a positive one. Affirmations and repetition is a great start to do just that. Once you believe in your desire than visualize it in great detail you’re on your way there.


The universe works on vibrational frequency. Once you believe and can visualize your desire the next step is to feel the energy of it. The universe works on laws of attraction, like attracts like. For example if you are looking for abundance then you must believe and then feel abundant with what you already have. Being grateful for what you have now will attract more abundance for what you desire later. If you are living in lack then you will attract lack. Write out abundant statements that resonate with you. Every thought and feeling is a message to the universe. Remember, you are not actually chasing the desire you are chasing the feeling you’ll receive once you get it. In order to receive the gifts from the universe you must already feel all those feels to attract it into your life.


You create opportunities that ultimately get you to your desires. Manifesting your desires should be fun, and should lead you to take inspired action. Actions lead to opportunities. Even if you take the wrong action or you fail and don’t achieve your goal on the first try, this is just the universe nudging you and helping you get on the right path. So listen to the universe, ask how you can serve others, and let the opportunities find you.

Great women, manifested visions and a magical night of co-creating. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome, it’s what we ourselves created and manifested using these 3 key strategies.

We’ve had so much interest in our next Vision Boarding event, so be sure to sign up and get your ticket now for our January 2020 event.

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