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Using The Coronavirus as an Opportunity to Redirect Yourself

As we enter into another week of self-isolation it can start to make us all go a little bonkers. Slowly we’re coming to the reality that this might just be our new normal, at least for a little while and that means we need to accept it. Opportunities can come in many forms and while many of us didn’t choose this time of self-imposed rest, it can be the opportunity we need to redirect our energy and life into positive new directions.

So while you’re sitting at home you have two choices, you can sit there and be upset and angry with the world, or you can use this time wisely to reconnect with yourself and what is important to you. One way we truly believe you can change your life is through manifestation, and that means you need to really think about what it is you want to manifest and why. Below we’ve broken down some ways you can start to manifest in different areas of your life so you can see positive changes.

Money – During this difficult time many people are fearful about their money situation, whether they’ll have enough, or if they’ll be able to make more of it, and how this will affect their current situation. The best thing you can do is breathe in and out, and take control of all those fast flying thoughts in your head. First turn to gratitude, one of the big rules of manifestation is you can’t bring more abundance into your life if you’re not grateful for what you already have. So make a list of all the things you do have. Next, don’t focus on the lack because law of attraction teaches us our thoughts direct our situation, so if we are constantly repeating to ourselves, “I want more money,” the vibe you send to the universe is just that...the want of more money. Next change your feelings, think about your relationship with money, many of us have money blockages whether it is fear-based or based in previous money stories we learned as kids, so use this time to learn more about your beliefs around money and how you can change them.

Career – At this time there are many of us out there who are struggling in our careers. Either we have lost our jobs due to the situation, are afraid of losing our job, or are in a job or career not well-suited to us. A time like this allows us to think about the why and what we truly want out of ourselves and our careers. If you lost your job, you can start to manifest a new one. Imagine the job you want or imagine your company calling you back to work when this is all over, and feel the feelings. How good will it feel when this happens. Then let it go, don’t think about the lack allow the universe to do the work, and your job is to take inspired action. Whether it’s applying online for jobs, getting back in touch with work colleagues who can help you source a new job or anything else, follow your gut.

If you’re not the biggest fan of your current job, start by making a list of all the things you do like about your job or career. There has to be something you enjoy and starting from this point of positivity will help with the process. Next, make a passion list of what else you want in a new job or career, and focus on your why? Then start with an action list of 5 things you can do right now to help you either get closer to discovering the job you want, or 5 steps to starting to put in place the career or job you want.

Health – With so much stress and anxiety out there, one of the things that can suffer is your health. While eating right and exercising while focusing on self-care for stress are all great things we have to do for our bodies, just that alone might not keep you healthy. A lot of the time our bodies react to past traumas in our lives, which we can be holding onto. You first off need to separate yourself from any disease or issue you are physically having so you do not personally identify with it. Meditations can help with the past trauma healing along with doing the inner work of possibly seeing a therapist or someone else to help with your mental care. You have to remember to love your body and every cell of it. Love is always stronger than fear, so start with affirmations of self-love to your body, and imagine yourself healing. A great visualization exercise you can do is while you’re taking a shower stand under the water and imagine a golden ray of light healing your every cell, and imagine all the negativity in your body going down the drain.

Love – Who doesn’t love love! We do and if you’re single looking for a partner, sometimes the struggle can be real! The first way to pivot from this is to make sure you’re once again using abundance as your calling and not coming from a place of lack. If you don’t love yourself and you don’t believe you are good enough and have something to offer as a partner, it’s going to be hard for you to have a positive and healthy relationship. Start by dating yourself, get to know you and love yourself. Then use manifestation as your guide to make a list of all the traits you’d like in a partner, and truly imagine those experiences. Manifestation grows where feelings go, so put some colour in your vision. Feel the emotions of the experiences with your future partner. Use dates as opportunities to meet people and learn more about yourself and if you’re getting closer to meeting your match. Most importantly, stop the negative self-talk. If you always say to yourself, “I can’t meet someone good,” you’ll keep meeting no good people. This advice also can apply to if you’re in a relationship and want to turn the vibe around and heal your relationship with your partner to bring it back to a state of bliss.

We hope these tips can help you on your spiritual journey and your manifestation path. Remember, it takes time and patience, and we are all on a different journey so we don’t all get to the same place at the same time, and that’s okay. We also hope you give our tips a shot, it’s not like you have anywhere to go;)

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