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Tis the Season to be Mindful

The holidays are one of the most wonderful times of the year but can also be one of the most chaotic, stressful and energy sucking times as well. With lots on the social calendar we often lose track of our healthy habits. We wanted to get some low maintenance practical tips this holiday season from these amazing wellness practitioners so you can still drink and be merry all while still taking care of yourself.

We sat down with Stella Habib, Healer and Consultant and Daniella Magnatta Registered Holistic Nutritionist for their best tips to keep us guilt free and in shape for all that this wonderful season has to offer.

Mindful Eating- Stella Habib

Attempts to make healthy choices often become more challenging around the holidays rather than feeling guilty about it, make a commitment to yourself to enjoy all the flavors you encounter this holiday season by adopting a mindful eating practice.

How do you begin?

Before you take your first bite or sip, take a deep breath to clear your mind. Start by asking yourself:

Why do I want to eat/drink right now?

Is this something that will be delicious?

How will I feel after I eat/drink this?

Is this as delicious as I expected?

If not, remember that you can always choose not to finish it. Once you’re done, challenge yourself to take a few minutes before reaching for the next temptation. Shift your awareness to your surroundings and witness everything that surrounds you. Practice a few moments of gratitude, allowing that gratitude to soften your heart, spread into the belly and energetically nourish your body. If your habits fall astray as you continue your practice - be gentle with yourself and remember that you are laying a foundation for a more conscious life.

Load up on vegetables- Daniella Magnatta

Let’s face it, mom was right when she told us to eat our vegetables if we want to grow up to be big and strong. Vegetables are undeniably powerhouses when it comes to food, they pack a big nutritional punch in the form of vitamins, minerals, fiber, phytonutrients and antioxidants. They help the body gently detox by supporting the liver with protective enzymes. Around this time of the year, food, alcohol and other indulgences are all around us, tempting and testing our willpower. By finding ways to add more greens and vegetables into your diet not only will you feel more full, energized and vibrant, you won’t feel as bad when you do decide to have a treat o two.

Two categories of the most nutritionally dense vegetables to highlight include: cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage and bok choy and leafy greens like kale, spinach, arugula, microgreens and collards. These superstars will give you the most bang for your nutritional buck. You can add leafy greens like spinach and baby kale to your smoothies, add them to your eggs, toss them into soups, use them as base for a wrap, or sauté them down with your favourite protein; the possibilities are endless! If you are attending a potluck or event where you can bring a dish, choose to bring something with vegetables so you know there will be a healthier option available. When you sit down to eat take an inventory of your plate and aim to make at least half of it vegetables.

We can’t forget the magical powers of ginger Root! Not only is it loaded with nutrients that have many beneficial effects for your body, it has been considered one of the healthiest spices on the planet.

Here are some benefits of ginger backed by scientific research:

- anti-inflammatory & contains potent antioxidants - highly effective at treating nausea (hungover? Ginger to the rescue) - fresh ginger can help fight infections and inhibit the growth of bacteria - helps treat indigestion, gas and bloating (have ginger tea between meals if you’ve overindulged and feel less than fabulous)

You can incorporate this spice into your diet by adding it to soups, vegetable dishes, smoothies, oatmeal, salad dressings, stir fry’s, baked goods and hot beverages. Here is a simple ginger tea recipe that you can bust out any time this season and keep your tummy troubles at bay.

Ginger Tea Recipe

- Fresh ginger root (or tea bag but fresh is best) - Unpasteurized wild honey (optional for sweetness) - Cinnamon, lemon or mint leaves as flavor enhancers (p.s each of these help with indigestion)

Directions: Grate ginger into a pot of boiling water and boil for 5-10 minutes. If you choose any of the flavour enhancers add them to the bottom of the mug and pour the boiled water with ginger into the mug, keep the grated bits of ginger and chew them if you feel adventurous!

Be Kind to Yourself!

We often get really hard on ourselves around this time of year saying we will just stop eating healthy until the new year but with these great tips you can maintain your good habits while still eating treats. By incorporating some healthy affirmations can really help you as well. Go ahead and try the following:

I am so grateful for this wonderful food

I listen for when I am satisfied and full.

Every cell in my body vibrates good health

This food is healing me.

Life isn’t about extremes and neither are the holidays, remain conscious and mindful about what and how you are eating and be sure to include some of these amazingly healthy additions this season.

Blog Contributors

Stella Habib

Stella worked as a Director of Operations at the world’s largest virtual software development company for almost four years. Her drive and ambition helped her achieve her goals, but stress took a tool mentally, physically and emotionally. She turned to yoga, meditation, and energy healing to learn how to strike a better work life balance, ultimately deciding to pursue a career to teach others how to do the same. Stella now harnesses her skill sets and works as a healer and consultant, teaching yoga, meditation and energy healing while designing brands and consulting entrepreneurs with their businesses. She is passionate about supporting individuals with their wellness and business to create a life they love.




Daniella Magnatta

Daniella is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a background in Kinesiology and Health sciences and is currently studying Bio-energetic medicine. Daniella’s passion is to help those living with autoimmune disease find balance & healing not only on a physical level, but on a mental, emotional and soul level as well. As someone who has been diagnosed with Crohns disease, it is through her own experiences in healing that she is able to help others navigate the health and wellness world and uncover the root cause of their ailments are so they can feel healthy, vibrant and whole.


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