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Manifesting Your Dream Home

We had such a great turnout for our First Time Home Buying Seminar for Women. With so many lovely ladies in attendance we talked all things manifesting and the real estate market in Toronto. Candice Allen, co-founder of Soul Well Collective and real estate salesperson was on hand to talk about the process in a real and mindful way. Addressing fears and concerns everyone got a really good overview. During the seminar we talked about what’s it like being a female homeowner in Toronto, shared insights on where are the best places to live, and talked about our dream homes. Then we got down to business and talked about the home buying process in detail. We wanted to share with you some of the insights we learned from the lovely ladies at our event in hopes it helps you too.

Start With Why You Want To Buy - There are so many reasons why you want to buy a home. We discussed a lot of them at the event, living with your family or roommates can make you want to scream. Others wanted to start investing in their financial future with their first investment condo. The point is you don’t want to buy because of fear. Yes, the real estate market in Toronto is tough, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get there, you need to know when is your right time to buy.

Get Clear On What You Want - We did a great meditation exercise of clearing negative energy and getting clear on what we wanted. We painted a very detailed picture in our minds of the exact home we wanted, along with details about the home and the area. The thing is the more clear you get on what exactly it is that you want in your home, the easier it will be to draw it to you and manifest your home ownership dreams.

Get Educated - We then talked brass tacks and got down to the basics of buying, discussing things like finding a good mortgage broker and getting a good rate from your bank, how to find a real estate agent you can trust, and talking about what else you need to do to prepare for the costing and fees associated with the home buying process.

Have a Plan - Some of the ladies at our event were a bit frustrated that they weren’t in a position to buy right now, but part of the real estate buying process is that you need to be ready and to get ready you have to have a plan. So thinking about and getting educated on the home buying process, talking with mortgage specialists, and learning about what you want and how to get it is all part of the process. Just because now might not be the right time, it doesn’t mean never, it just means not now and come back later.

What we were so excited to see was how women everywhere are taking more interest in building their financial futures. If you didn’t get a chance to make it out for this one, we are so excited to hold the next one and we hope to see you there.

If you want to learn more about Candice in her capacity as a real estate agent you can view her website HERE.

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