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Manifest Your Healthy Body

Notice how we said healthy body and not summer body. A summer body denotes that you workout strictly for the summer. A healthy body means you workout year round to keep yourself healthy. Now, we get it, the last few months have been stressful. We’ve all been sitting too and eating too much, and just doing too much of too little of the things that we would like to be doing to keep us healthy and happy. While we all know the health benefits of working out and eating right, it can be tough to motivate ourselves towards our health goals especially if we are anxious or depressed.

Well don’t worry we at Soul Well Collective have your back! We’re big believers in the power of manifestation and using manifestation to set and achieve your goals. One of the biggest stumbling blocks to using the law of attraction to manifest your desires is your story. What’s your story around food and fitness. Do you have limiting beliefs? Do you think you’re not good enough or disciplined enough, or not enough to have that healthy body? Start with focusing on your fitness story. Once you have that down pat, try these other manifestation exercises to help you get the body you desire.

Fake it Till You Make it – No one knows how to have the body you want better than a fitness trainer. Let’s pretend for a second you are that, you are a trainer. Imagine that is your profession and that’s what you do. So if that’s the case what would you do differently? Would you be eating to fuel your body instead of eating to fill the boredom? Would you work out and push yourself? Would you design fitness classes on your own? Act as if, and pretend you are. Pretend you have it, and sooner or later if you act in the pattern long enough you’re sure to get the results.

Manifestation with Friends – Where do you spend your quality time? Who you hang around with can have a big impact on who you are. So if you are hanging out with people that might not have the healthiest of food and health habits it might be time to think about this. If you are around others that value your fitness and health goals you'll be manifesting health together because you'll be talking about and sharing tips together. Think about what you would like to do physically with friends to exercise and go out and see if your friends will join you, or if you can find new friends who will share in your new pleasures. When you think about being healthy you will see yourself gravitate towards healthy friends.

Get the Gear - Sometimes just staring and having fitness gear in eye sight can help manifest the actions. So for example maybe leave your running shoes in your bedroom where you can see them, or buy a few weights and sit them on your desk. The idea is to remind yourself of the things that you want. Manifestation takes the path of least resistance, so if you have the gear out in front of you always, you're brain eventually is going to want to find a way to use it, and that's where you take inspired action.

Journal the Results – Tell yourself a different story. Start your morning off with a journaling routine where you get to tell yourself great stories of what this new healthy body will give you. Start with the why you want this body. Then write out stories of what this new great body gives you. Maybe it gives you great confidence, maybe you feel better, maybe it cures an illness in you. The idea is we want to feel the feelings now and almost project ourselves into the future to get that body.

We know that these tips alone aren’t going to get you to where you want to be in regard to having the body you want. These tips along with eating right and exercising will get you to where you want to be. Remember to be patient with yourself and know that building healthy habits take time. But when you combine this with your manifestation desires you’ll grow permanent healthy habits.

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