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How to Vibe High over the Holidays

Instead of focusing on presents this holiday season let’s focus on being present. The one thing you can control is your energy and how present you stay in this very stressful and chaotic time. Albeit a fun season sometimes the stress and chaos can get to our very essence. BUT there are a number of things you can do to protect your energy from people, places and situations.

Our energy is our currency, when its high we are riding high and well when it’s low it’s the pits! Everything is energy from our words, thoughts and actions. All of our bodies have frequencies and a healthy body vibrates typically between 62-72 hertz. When you factor in stressors our bodies frequencies can shoot way down. Anything under 58 means disease can set in. Here are a few tips on how you can vibrate high during the holidays.


We are no stranger to the stress of spending money we may not have, shopping and being with crowds we may not want to be with or seeing some family or friends we may not want to see. The holidays can be an energy suck in all ways. HOWEVER, using mindfulness as a tool can help shift negative emotions to positive ones. Instead of thinking “Oh man I DON’T want to deal with the crowds at the mall or buy all these gifts!” Change your mindset to a place of positivity and gratitude. Say to yourself “I am grateful to be able to buy gifts for friends and family I love” or “OMG I am so blessed to have a family to spend time with.” By becoming aware of our thoughts we can stop ourselves going down the rabbit hole and stay more present.

Boundaries are NECESSARY

Practicing boundaries is key as we are stretched so thin at this time that we don’t get to enjoy the fun stuff. Try and not overbook yourself and you are 100 percent allowed to say NO to stuff you do not want to give your energy to. As women we are ALWAYS people pleasing and giving everything to everyone else but ourselves. Take a stand and protect your energy and put you first. This time of year is notorious for people getting sick and it’s because we often over-commit. You are number one and deserve some self-care time too.

Living in Love and Kindness

Once you have mastered living in love and kindness call yourself enlightened LOL! I’m not going to lie this one is a hard one but if you can do this you will vibrate so high. Ready? Since everyone is dealing with stressors and their own emotional issues try not to assume anything about people and their feelings or actions towards you. It’s not you, it’s THEM! Look we aren’t always with the people who light us up so it’s important to dig deep in your resources and stay away from judgement. Maybe they are having a bad day, week, month or year. Try and be compassionate that everyone is going through something. Be in the situation being your AWESOME self shooting everyone with a care bear beam of LOVE AND KINDNESS! But don’t get me wrong, this absolutely does not mean you have to talk to someone who is mean or disrespectful to you.

Let it Go

The holidays are so commercialized that we forget what they are truly all about, time with family and friends making memories and let’s face it being away from work! An important life lesson really is being OK not being OK. Being aware that things are not necessarily going your way. Sitting in it for a little bit, feel all the feels so that energy can move through you. That is OK. Some mantras to repeat to yourself when things are getting rough “My best is good enough” and “I am enough.” Be kind to yourself always. Remember you have the choice of how you are feeling so choose to move past the obstacles and get those high vibes back.

Raise those Good Vibrations

That we can party on the positive side/And pump positive vibes/So come along for the ride /Making you feel the rhythm is my occupation/So feel the vibration/

Come on come on/Feel it feel it/Feel the vibration…Come on you know the rest! Marky Mark was vibrating high so why can’t we? Energetically here are some more tips to getting you vibrating nearly as high as Marky Mark in the 90’s!

SLEEP: we’ve been told sleep is so important since we were children and it’s no lie. Having a good night’s rest will raise your energy. Try and have an Epsom salt bath before bed to reap full relaxation and stop that running mind from disturbing your slumber.

Meditate: Even just two minutes throughout your day will help you to de-stress. Take two minutes to focus on breathing. Or chant OM and raise your body’s vibration.

Journal: Writing out how you are feeling can help release and provide some clarity. Here’s a journal prompt to help you get started “What does it mean to have holiday spirit? Do you feel like you’ve experienced it this year? Why or why not?” OR “How do you want to feel when you wake up tomorrow morning?”

Gratitude Practice: Start your day with three things you are grateful for, but don’t just think about them really feel them. It’s with that energy that you can change your mood and shift vibrationally.

Energy Protection: Protecting ourselves energetically creates an invisible barrier between people, places and things that can be energy sucks. Try this bubble exercise: Imagine a bright light bubble around you that protects you from negative people, spaces or spirits. With each breath imagine the bubble expanding in all directions, getting stronger, brighter, lighter and bigger. With your intention feel and see your bubble working.

You can say a mental prayer “Thank you divine source for keeping me in a space of pure positive energy. Thank you for sealing my bubble surrounding me in this love and light.” You are only going to take in love and light and send out love and light, and BOOM it’s that easy. We create our bliss, it’s our choice how we vibe this holiday season, and we can choose to vibe high and feel those good vibrations and get back to what the holidays are all about; being present with family and friends and making lasting memories. Remember, you are your most powerful tool when mindset meets boundaries and loads of self care! You got this!

Happy Holidays from Soul Well Collective!

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