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How To Use The Law of Attraction to Attract Money To You


We all want more money, anyone that tells you they don’t is probably not honest with themselves. As we’ve heard from others money makes the world go round. It’s what helps us feel good about ourselves, feel safe and secure, take care of our families, and feel confident in our abilities. But is this really all contributed to money? Well yes and no, money is really just energy. It’s how we view money that helps us either attract it to us or repel it from us. So this is where the Law of Attraction can really help you hone in on your money mindset.

Below we’ve listed a few different ways you can help bring more money to you, and we’re not talking just small pennies here and there, we’re talking true wealth.

Get Your Story Right – Knowing your money story is the first step to changing your money story. Money stories are the stories that we hear growing up and they can shape our idea of money. If you grew up with the idea that money is hard, it takes really hard and tough work to make money, or that things are too expensive you then grow up with a money lack mindset and not a money growth mindset. Well now we get to change that, it doesn’t matter where you got your money story from whether it was your parents, friends or community around you, or just that you grew up thinking you don’t understand money or don’t deserve money, now is the time to change that. Take out a piece of paper and write out all the stories you heard about money both negative and positive. For any negative story, rewrite it to the positive. So for example if you heard the expression growing up, “money doesn’t grow on trees” changed that to, “money comes to me frequently and easily.” The more you write this out and repeat the more you’ll break through those negative money stories.

Imagine The End First – We have all heard of the concept reverse-engineering, it’s when you take a concept or process and start from the end first in terms of the result, and then work backwards. So let’s do that with your money mindset. First off if you could imagine the life you would like that money could afford you, what does that look like? Imagine as many details as possible, if you had all the money you wanted how does that look? What are you doing in terms of providing value or an energy exchange to receive or make money. Money is energy, so when you use your unique talents and services to help others, money can’t help but flow to you. So imagine yourself happy and content in the home that you would like, doing the work you want to do, driving the car you want, and having the life that you want. Then get to specifics, what kind of job or career do you have? Where is the house that you want to live in? How much is the car you want to drive? Write these things down and reverse the steps for how you could get there. Then take inspired action and get to work!

Get Inspired By Wealth – Seek out wealthy people and wealthy stories. One way you know your manifestations are coming true is that you see others who have what you want out in the real world, right in front of you. So seek this out and instead of getting jealous or feeling upset when you see others doing well and making money in their desired job or career or in another area of their wealth life, imagine that this is the universe telling you it’s in front of you, so it is for you. You want to learn how people with money and wealth really think, and how they really grow their wealth. So seek out these people and their stories, research wealthy people you admire on the internet, hear their stories, see if you can connect with them on social media and use this information to help it inspire you and your new money-enriched life.

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