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Soul Well Collective was formed as organically as the founders who came together to create it. Jo Lean, a corporate event planner and Candice Allen a real estate agent found themselves connecting at a networking event and happened to find that “click”. You know the one, where you just speak with someone and instantly know you’re going to be great friends. That event has since sparked a great friendship, one that Jo and Candice want to share with others who want to truly connect and enjoy a sense of community. They have come together to form Soul Well Collective as a place that brings people together for authentic and purposeful experiences.


More of us than ever feel disconnected from the world around us and our community, we are craving a place to go to meet other like-minded individuals who have passion and purpose in their lives. The experiences that Jo and Candice curate are more than just a few hours of time spent doing a shared activity. Instead it’s a place for self-care, inspired learning, and a place to expand your mind alongside others who feel the same way. You might come to these events solo but you’ll leave  with authentic friendships.


Our events are run a bit different. We start out truly getting to know each other. Then we engage in whatever activity it is with true mindfulness, working from a place of purpose not just mindlessly engaging in an activity. At the end of each event we do a closing meditation to cleanse the spirit and soul.


If any of this speaks to you, if you feel tugged in then try an event for yourself.

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